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In the years lockit and I have been together there have been many changes and a realisation that real life and kink can go hand in hand.

The first thing I personally realised is that if you believe everything you read, you are in for a rude awakening. Not everything is about chastity or domination, real life is a delicate balance and one of the most important things is knowing when kink goes out the window.

We all have those moments when life takes over and sometimes it can be a struggle to get back into the groove. Sometimes it’s not even those moments, sometimes it is just daily life. After a day at work, checking on elderly parents and teenage children the last thing a woman wants to do is get dressed up to fulfil some sexual fantasy for her man. Most of the time they would rather catch up with the washing, cooking etc and try and find some time for themselves to relax. 

That is why chastity is such a perfect kink. Lock him up and he will be fulfilling his own sexual fantasy with very little input. Then when you crave a bit of loving attention, he is there ready to do your bidding. You get your own prince charming, which really is what most women crave. Someone who adores them and helps them. 

There are times when one has to be careful with chastity. Obviously, you cannot lock someone up for weeks when they first wear a device. Let’s also be sensible about activities and of course the hot weather. Chafing is not good for anyone and should be avoided at all costs. Lube is of course good but common sense is also a factor. 

Once you have both realised these basics, then the chastity world is your oyster. Out and about with him locked can be so much fun, especially if meeting family and friends or shopping for lingerie. Even watching tv on the couch can be fun if you have your feet up nestling in a place which lets you fondle the device as you wiggle your toes. The small details are the ones that will make a big difference in his chastity experience. Not forgetting the thrill as you watch his tortured features as he realises there is nothing he can do about it. 

So for the gentlemen reading this, enjoy your chastity and remember that you will receive a better reaction from your partner being prince charming than you will treating her as a means for you to get your kink on.


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It’s so much fun when you lock your slave when he is least expecting it. 

With so much having happened over the past few months the kinky fun has been a bit touch and go with very little touching and a whole lot of going. 

However, this week Lockit has a full week of very hard physical work.  The perfect time to surprise him with a lock up.  We haven’t been doing too much of the locking up for any length of time as life just keeps getting in the way.  Amazing what going to a fetish club will do to bring that part of your brain back online and help you remember just how much you enjoy this wonderful world.

Those of you who have been here for a while will know that Lockit is an electrician.  As he wears a metal device we do not have him locked when he is working. I don’t care how silly it is, I am not taking the chance that he could get electrocuted and damage my property.  However, we have in place a system where he comes straight home from work, no deviations allowed.  No shopping, no visiting, nothing but straight home and lock. 

He then stays locked until he is just about to walk out the door the next morning. Lock, unlock and lock again.  This way I get to keep control and he gets to be safe at work.

Come Friday night he will lock and will not be unlocked until Monday morning when he goes back to work. 

I do love it when my Dommely Domme persona returns, she is just so evil and so much fun. 

I am sure I shall think of a few things to keep Lockit on the straight and narrow this week.  Watch this space. 



It’s been a while since I got my kink on.  Having sold my share in the dungeon I thought it only proper not to attend the club there for a while to give the new owner a chance to make their mark on the place. 

Originally there was no intention of going to club.  Lockit had returned to London so I wouldn’t dream of going on my own for my first time back.  Luckily, I didn’t have to.  A most delightful lady whom I have been known to spend some enjoyable time with had asked if I would be going to club.  I messaged her and said I would be available to go on Saturday.

We arranged to meet there and all was well.  I say all was well, there was a bit of rushing about before I left but everything turned out all right in the end and my daughter came with me for a night out. 

Poor Lockit, sitting so far away all locked up snug as a bug, knowing I was going out to play. 

I had such a fabulous time, catching up with old friends and then of course there was play time.  I left soon after that as really, that was all I was there for.  I had an itch that had to be scratched and as Lockit is still delicate in the back area, I cannot beat ten bells out of him with whips and floggers.  I am presently using other techniques to scratch his itch. 

Mine however was getting rather irritating and as there are only a few people who want to take what I want to give, sometimes it can be difficult.  Luckily my favourite masochist was in the same position and was happy to meet with me for some fun.

A great night was had by all, although there were some strange looks when we were introduced as mother and daughter to people who hadn’t already met us. 

I am so glad I took the plunge and got back to club.  Next time will not be so long in coming.


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Isn’t it strange with the ebb and flow of time how easily you can forget some things?  I recently went back and read about the very first time I became Keyholder for lockit.  Who is now my slave/partner/fiancée.

He had not been locked for some time and it was still early on in my foray into this wonderful world.  We went back and forward as the lock went on for a few days, him feeling out what was safe and what was not.  Me changing goalposts and heightening the frustration. 

That was such a wonderful and joyous time that I think it is time I went back there.  Too long have we played kink to a timetable other than our own.  It’s time for Mistress Jules to come back home and start enjoying this wonderful world all over again.



Now you are all prepared, time to start getting you ready.


Time to find a marker, some sort of sharpie or permanent marker.  If push comes to shove you can use a ballpoint pen. 

Use the pen to write above your penis “MJKH 2018”

This will help you remember why you are locked and keep you focused in the days to come.

Let’s make sure you have all your accoutrements to hand.  You will need your device or a ribbon or shoelace to bind yourself with if you don’t have a device.

Butt plug, if you have one, make sure it is ready

At 11.30pm you may edge for 2 mins whilst looking at what will be happening next.  Once you have completed your edging you can then insert the butt plug and enjoy the sensation whilst anticipating the rest.

By 11. 50 you should start putting on your device or binding your penis.  As midnight approaches you should be ready to lock your device on the stroke of midnight.  Welcome in the New Year locked.

Once locked please send verification to mistress-jules@hotmail.com let’s see how long you can stay locked.  Then go get the tub of ice, put your keys in it and fill it with water and replace in the freezer.

Remove the butt plug after an hour of wear.

I look forward to hearing from you all in the New Year.



Welcome to Mistress Jules Hogmanay 2017 Lockdown.  I hope you are ready to have some chastity fun and be locked in chastity and denial for the start of 2018.

As from this moment you are denied permission to orgasm or touch yourself unless it part of the instructions for the lockdown.  There will be no edging, no prolonged washing or application of lubricant.  In other words, keep your grubby hands to yourself.

The first phase of this lockdown is cleanliness.  You need to take a shower or bath and make sure you are squeaky clean.  Shaved top and bottom, full body shave if you can.  Toe and fingernails clipped, beard and/or moustache trimmed, all other extraneous hair trimmed and teeth brushed.

If you have a chastity device now is the time to clean it.  Get yourself some hot soapy water and give your device a good scrub, make sure you get into all the fiddly bits and make sure you dry it properly as well.

Now take a plastic container half full of water and place it in the freezer, we want it to be ice by midnight.

Time for a rest, make sure you have something decent to eat, especially if you will be drinking tonight.  At 8pm we start with the rest of the instructions.



What would a Mistress Like for Christmas?

Whether your Mistress is your partner, online or a professional there are a few things that will always go down well at Christmas.  Let me put a few things together for you that may help you out at this time of year.

Toiletries – Always higher end than lower and always of a scent that she loves.  Not everyone loves lavender.  Personally I cannot get past the lush bath bombs, so luxurious and relaxing, these are a favourite.  Don’t get anti ageing anything if you still want to have bollocks in the New Year.  Much better to get some body oil that you could help rub in.  Soap is not a gift, do not make that mistake.

Clothing – unless you know the correct size don’t even go there.  If you do know the correct size then the best way to look at it is to buy her something she wouldn’t buy for herself but you know she wants.  No red underwear, we know you only want us to wear it for your enjoyment.  Something soft and luxurious or warm and cuddly are always a good option.  Nothing that makes us feel old, always something young and fun.  Oh and if you are in Scotland, anything that keeps her warm in the cold is good.

Jewellery – check to see what she wears already.  If there are no bracelets, what about a pandora charm bracelet.  Then you can add to it on birthdays and other special occasions.  Earrings are not particularly popular nowadays.  A pendant could be good if it is meaningful, unless she already wears one all the time.

Perfume – make sure it is one you know she likes, otherwise it will sit in a drawer.

Sexy stuff – don’t be too adventurous or it may be a step too far.  If she has not used butt plugs on you, a strapon may be a step too far.  If she knows nothing about chastity, don’t give her your keys as a surprise, it will not end well.  A Hitachi wand is a good idea as you can start using it as a body massager and progress from there.  A cheap violet wand can also be used for vanilla purposes.

If you have a Mistress who is already kinky then a hand made flogger or paddle is good as is any amount of equipment based on her kinks – not yours.

Good luck gentlemen



In an earlier conversation with another Mistress it was remarked that a sub had a very big ego.  That led us to thinking and eventually questioning, what is a sub?

We came to the decision that it is a very personal perception and in a couple what one saw as being submissive another could see as being weak. 

For example, Lockit is not a stereotypical submissive, in fact if you met us in real life you probably wouldn’t see him as submissive at all.  He is a macho manly man wide shouldered and very protective of me as he goes about his daily life. Your first impression would probably be that he was a gentleman.  Lockit is however submissive to me and makes great efforts to see that my wants and desires are met.  Sometimes before I even ask or require something.  I am happy with that.

My fellow Mistress sees a submissive as someone who is much more dependent on their Mistress.  Looking for permissions frequently and more bound by obligations.  Their daily life coming second to the desires and wishes of their Mistress.  She is happy with being that Mistress.

Neither of us is wrong in our definition, as a submissive should be able to serve the Dominant in the manner best suited to both of them.  

Lockit and I work as a team, we complement each other, not least because I am not exactly practical and very accident prone. He on the other hand fixes things and makes sure that my ideas are tempered with reality as he tries to keep me safe.

My fellow Mistress enjoys a more obvious show of submission in all things, that is what makes her happy.  Her submissive is very happy to have someone instruct his life in detail.

It begs the question, what does submissive mean to you?


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There I am in the chat room of a chastity forum talking to a few of the guys.  One of whom sent me a link to a tumbler feed.  I politely advised that I don’t look at pictures.  There was a bit of discussion about the female being less visually stimulated and that it is really not often something they enjoy, looking at pictures of sexual activity.

Within a couple of minutes, one of the guys proceeds to post a pic of a locked dick in the chat room.  There was no excuse, just that he was working out how the chatroom worked.  Personally, I am more inclined to believe that he was being a complete asshole. 

Why when you are chatting to a well known real life female would you deliberately do something she has said she doesn’t like?

Does that make you feel more of a man?  Does it make you feel excited, do you start wanking off to the thought of the disgust on her face?  Do you think of the other guys who are now pissed off with you because one of the few females has left the chatroom because of your pathetic behaviour?

Probably not, you are probably so ridiculously happy with yourself that you don’t care about anything else but the dick in your hand.

Previously I asked where were all the gentlemen.  Now I think I need to change that to where are all the lovers?  Where are the guys who know how to do anything but wank off?

You want to have a woman writhing with pleasure?  You want to be able to satisfy a woman?  Well you have not a hope in hell if you are sitting there with your dick in your hand wanking off all the time. 

Real women don’t want wankers, we want lovers.  So get your pathetic little dick out of your dirty little hand and stop behaving like a stupid boy behind the bike sheds.



Do you like interacting with females on websites?  Do you want to have a real conversation or are you just there to wank off?

I am a member of a few kink/fetish orientated websites.  I found it a great place to get to know people and find ideas for play. 

Over the last few years I have noticed that those websites have changed in tone quite a bit. Very few of them now involve female members.  Most of the posts have become fantasy wank fodder.  As this has continued the fantasies have become more extreme.  As the fantasies become more extreme, females are less and less involved in these sites and it ends up being a bunch of guys trying to outdo each other with fantasies.

Sometimes the females on these sites are actually males masquerading as females.  These are quite easily spotted by females, however the horny male seems unable to differentiate.  There are also a great number of scammers, looking to get you to join a different site where you pay to interact with them and they take you for everything they can.

As sex dolls become more sophisticated and guys lose their ability to relate to real women, this is a problem that is only going to get worse.  It won’t be long before most guys are unable to interact with a real live female. 

Don’t be that guy, make sure you interact with real females and make sure you treat them as more than wank fodder. 

You know there is nothing better than a real woman who wants to spend time with you, whether that is online or in real life.  Let’s bring back the gentleman, you all know that is what the ladies love best.

Feel free to continue this discussion on my forum, I shall be there and hoping to hear from the gentlemen of the world.


MistressJules Nov 26 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: chastity, dom, holder, jules, key, male, mistress
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